This page features various original video projects created for either personal or client purposes by Jordyn Byers.


The idea for this video reel was to effectively create a short, yet compelling piece of visual examples representing the client’s work. Project consisted of extensively analyzing all credited film/television projects in order to select clips that not only demonstrate craft and evolvement, but also demonstrate the work and importance to engage the viewer. Features original music and video compilation, as well as specifically showcased elements including: Waterwork, Pyrotechnics, Firearms, Vehicle Stunts, Smoke, Fog, Freestanding Structures, etc.


This business profile was created for Jason Anthony Freeman, owner of a local tattoo shop in downtown Phoenix, ARIZ. This video in particular was to be the visual component at an event which Mr. Freeman, due to his achievements, was selected to speak at. Not only did I have to create something professional that successfully introduced Mr. Freeman and his business, but also effectively expressed the artistic essence of the shop in a way that would capture the audience’s attention.


This video was to spotlight a local up and coming reggae band known as “The Irie”. The idea for this video was relatively straightforward in that it showcases several original songs by the band  as well as introduces its members and how they became connected.


This project was a newsworthy piece to spotlight a local crossfit gym. It had specific requirements for sound and clip lengths.