Jordyn is in her fourth year at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a current academic focus in PR and multimedia journalism. In addition to a diligent study schedule, Jordyn is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild and known for her work in.various films and occasional  television appearances.                           …..

 .  My talent and passion for publicity.-communication- media management stems from a long background in broadcast journalism and working in film and TV. Beginning as early as the 5th grade, if I wasn’t writing or reporting the news then I was out tinkering with a piece of video equipment filming little segments I could edit and more recently practicing the art of social media.

         Having grown up in the entertainment industry, the ability to think on my feet and make split-second decisions under pressure is something I have more than mastered. Which together with my extensive knowledge in video and reporting makes me want to be the ideal one-stop shop for all things media and publicity. Where the idea of being the person who can literally do it all, is what motivates me to learn.

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